Can’t wait to kick butt as Ness on that new Magicant stage.


Can’t wait to kick butt as Ness on that new Magicant stage.

Like there’s no way I could have even THOUGHT about applying this late if the requirements weren’t this lax

Transcripts? Unofficial is okay

Letters of Recommendation? Don’t need ‘em

Course requirements? Literally the only restriction is “don’t be a freshman”

Statement of Purpose? Yeah but it’s p short

and thank the gods I had my passport renewed last year

COLLEGE IS POOP DUMB, come home now and visit us please

I’m comin’ back in like 2 days

I will be there

I will bring the video james

Basically I was convinced to apply to study in Japan in Spring about 2 weeks before the deadline to apply (the already extended deadline btw)

and I’ve had to do a whole bunch of rush planning and fill out forms and schedule advisor appointments

and I keep thinking “haha there’s like no way this is going to work the deadline is in a week” but then it turns out that the application is actually really simple??

"haha I’ve taken too many classes and I’ll have met all my graduation requirements by the end of winter the school will never let me go" but the advisor said "nah you’re good"???

"haha there’s no way I can afford this it’s hella expensive" Financial Aid might be raised to help cover the costs????????

To any of you who are planning on transferring to a different college

or any of you who have recently transferred colleges

please do yourself a favor

and make sure to save a copy of your unofficial transcript from your previous school when you transfer/shortly after transferring

because if you need to go back later and get it

because you’re applying to study abroad, or if you need it for a scholarship, or for whatever reason

you might find out your old school has changed their system

and you can’t access your files anymore

and basically you will save yourself a lot of bullshit

just trust me on this save your transcripts please

the internet here is weak and dissappointing

Some fun features of living next to the market place in Isla Vista:

-the constant sounds of delivery trucks backing up

-the wonderful orchestra of a thousand bottles and cans being dragged, dumped, and removed from the recycling place every day

-peoples’ car alarms going off every half hour

-trash trucks right outside the window twice a week at 6 in the morning

-the beautiful mutterings of hobos who live out back in the parking lot

-one overpriced washing machine/dryer to share between 16 people 

-people drawing dicks on your back windshield that won’t stay clean for more than a few days because you have to park on the street and there is a dusty old dirt lot right across the way that spews it’s dirt all over everything

-for that matter: street parking

-large groups of drunk party kids roaming the streets every night (it’s cool that ‘yall wanna party but you are in the middle of the road and I am trying to drive a car here)


after all, I’m…..
I’m so….. happy


after all, I’m…..

I’m so….. happy